Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skyway Twin Drive-In To Start New Season

From their website:
"IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Skyway Twin Drive-In is in jeopardy of being forced out of business due to the industry's switch to digital projection. The requirement for ALL movie theatres to convert to digital is coming sooner than we expected. 2012 quite possibly could be the last year that 35mm film is being made. At a cost of $70,000+ per screen to switch to digital, Skyway may not be able to make the transition without your strong support. We need your help! Please support us by coming often, tell friends about us, and more importantly when you do come, BUY FROM US. Concession sales are crucial because renting the first-run movies that we offer you consumes the vast majority of each ticket sale that you buy from us. This is why we make great food and guarantee your satisfaction. Skyway has been open since 1949. Help us survive another few decades for you and your kids! So, please no outside food or beverages."
To help the good folks at the Skyway Twin stay in business, click HERE to browse their menu, which includes their delicious Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich!!

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