SCREEN 1: Seven Days In May and McLintock!

Pre-show Entertainment

To capture the pre-first feature feel that I associate with the drive-in experience, I put together this compilation of "snipes" as they're known in the industry, short product commercials played in drive-ins and indoor theaters. For the most part these were designed specifically for the drive-in theaters, but not exclusively, although those of my generation associate them with drive-ins. Included are a handful of theatrical trailers that have that pitch-perfect sound and feel that I appreciate. I hope you enjoy it too.

Seven Days In May
Rod Serling wrote the screenplay and it will leave you sitting on the edge of your front seat as the Joint Chiefs of Staff attempt an overthrow of the President of the U.S. Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster star and John Frankenheimer directs.

Intermission Time!
Hurry. You only have seven minutes.

You like John Wayne? You like slap-stick comedy with a sprinkle of an old Shakespearean plot? You will have fun with this 1963 movie, a perfect palate cleanser for the evening. Please come back soon.

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