Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Drive-in Theater Looks to Put Down Roots

From, a story of a drive-in theater struggling to come to life:

Many in the QCA have been waiting years for another Drive-In movie theater. In 2008, plans were made for a drive in theater to open up in Davenport but that never happened. Now, those owners are working to bring the big screen to Blue Grass, IA.

Owners want to put in the West end of Blue Grass, just past the fire department on Mayne Street. Randy Lorenz and his wife have 9 acres of land that they're hoping to bring the big screen too. Currently, the land is empty but by spring the owners of this property say it's not going to look like that at all.  That's if anything goes as planned.

Drive-in Movie Theaters Popular Again

Drive-In Tweets: Your Patronage is Appreciated

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Pee Chee Folder, a Shoe Box of Baseball Cards, and a Fan Trailer

Let me set the stage: it's late 1998 and I'm in a theater lobby waiting with my then two youngest daughters to see The Rugrats Movie, and when I look up I see hanging on the wall a rather large poster. There are no words on this advertisement, only a young boy standing amid sand dunes dressed like Luke Skywalker.  It takes me a few moments but I soon notice the boy's shadow, how it stretches out into the shape of Darth Vader. This wasn't my first clue that this film was on its way. Still, I nearly pee my pants with glee. But I am waiting for the movie trailer...

On the advent of that film's teaser trailer a CNN article (11/20/98) put it this way:

"Star Wars" junkies eager to catch a glimpse of the first prequel, your wait is over: 75 theaters in North America got to show a sneak preview [italics mine] of the trailer for "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" among the trailers shown before other full-length feature movies.
The preview will appear nationwide on Friday. But loyal fans who paid close attention to the official Star Wars Web site learned there would be a sneak preview Tuesday in some theaters across the country.
Some people are apparently paying the full price of a movie ticket just to see the two-minute preview. Variety reported that nearly two-thirds of the 500 people in an afternoon showing of "The Siege" in Los Angeles walked out after seeing the trailer. Movie theaters across the country reported other fans doing the same thing.
Asked to comment, one fan who saw the trailer in Washington said "Unbelievable. I consider myself a harsh critic, but after the trailer I was applauding."

Monday, February 04, 2013

Drive-In Culture Documentary

Here's a small clip from an hour long documentary on drive-ins I privately produced, wrote and edited in 2009. It's still in the rough-cut stage and when I have the time to really give it a good going over I will finish it. But here is a segment from that documentary that I want to share. This pretty much captures my mind-set and style throughout the work.