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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skyway Twin Drive-In To Start New Season

From their website:
"IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Skyway Twin Drive-In is in jeopardy of being forced out of business due to the industry's switch to digital projection. The requirement for ALL movie theatres to convert to digital is coming sooner than we expected. 2012 quite possibly could be the last year that 35mm film is being made. At a cost of $70,000+ per screen to switch to digital, Skyway may not be able to make the transition without your strong support. We need your help! Please support us by coming often, tell friends about us, and more importantly when you do come, BUY FROM US. Concession sales are crucial because renting the first-run movies that we offer you consumes the vast majority of each ticket sale that you buy from us. This is why we make great food and guarantee your satisfaction. Skyway has been open since 1949. Help us survive another few decades for you and your kids! So, please no outside food or beverages."
To help the good folks at the Skyway Twin stay in business, click HERE to browse their menu, which includes their delicious Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Skyline Drive-in Opens March 29th

Out With the Old; In With the New

Friday, March 15, 2013

No More In-Car Radios?

Does this mean we'll go back to drive-in speakers on poles?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Songs that Mention Drive-ins

1. Chicago's "Old Days"
2. Grease Soundtrack "Alone at a Drive-in Movie"
3. Bryan Adams "Summer of 69"
4. Lonestar's "Everything's Changed"
5. Chris Ledoux "Last Drive-In"
6. Bob Segar "Night Moves"
7. The Four Lads "Moments to Remember"

Friday, March 08, 2013

It's Intermission Time!

This is an intermission clock that I culled together from my collection of intermission snipes. It's very much like the intermission cartoons I remember watching as a kid while waiting for the second feature, you know, the boring adult movie I usually fell asleep ten minutes into.

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Drive-In Tweets: Coming Events

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Drive-In Ads: Westworld

Digital Projection and Drive-In Theaters

Throughout the summer of 1982 I spent a summer working at the now defunct Cascade Drive-In Theater in Yakima, WA. Among my many duties of monitoring the field, pulling weeds and helping behind the concession stand, I had the enjoyable time lugging upstairs heavy canisters of film. Oh, how they dug deep into the palms of my small hands.

Projectionist Walter Becker gets a 35mm projector ready at the Cascade Drive-In Theater. | John Konstantaras~For Sun-Times Media
Nowadays, with the advent of digital projection, those heavy spools of film are on their way out, on the heels of cassette tapes, VHS movies and compact discs. However, this isn't welcomed news for most drive-in theaters, as explained in this article excerpt by David Gatham of the Chicago Sun-Times Media...

In recent decades, movies have been delivered to theaters in cans of film. Projectionists then had to lay these out on a “platter” some 6 feet wide and splice each reel together so the film could be fed into a projector.
Each can of film weighed about 9 pounds and contained about 20 minutes of movie. The film for a movie such as “Titanic” weighed about 100 pounds, required physically splicing together five miles of film, and cost its studio more than $1,000 each to copy.