SCREEN 2: The Towering Inferno and Colossus: The Forbin Project

Pre-show Entertainment
To capture the pre-first feature feel that I associate with the drive-in experience, I put together this compilation of "snipes" as they're known in the industry, short product commercials played in drive-ins and indoor theaters. For the most part these were designed specifically for the drive-in theaters, but not exclusively, although those of my generation associate them with drive-ins. Included are a handful of theatrical trailers that have that pitch-perfect sound and feel that I appreciate. I hope you enjoy it too.

The Towering Inferno [PG-13]
Your first feature is a classic disaster epic, an over-the-top soap opera chock-full of mega movie stars and top-flight special effects. This old gal is the last of its kind, and was nominated for Best Picture. Yep.

It's Intermission Time, Folks!
Here's an intermission clock I'm not familiar with, as it never played in my region of the country. But it perfectly fits the era of our first and second feature films, and is fondly remembered by a good many people around the country.

Colossus: The Forbin Project [PG-13]
One of my favorite sci-fi cold war films. This 1970 drama is an underrated classic, and as the older film, it goes second bill. You don't want to drive off early and miss this one. Let the kids crash out in the back seat and enjoy...and thank the gods computers haven't evolved with a lust for power, like the one you're about to meet.