Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Variety Show" (1957)

"Variety Show" is the granddaddy of drive-in theater intermission clocks. This 1957 short film was the creation of Filmack Studios, who also created the 1953 granddaddy of indoor theater snackbar commercials, "Let's All Go To The Lobby", the most famous snackbar commercial...ever. What remains over fifty years later is something memorable and a delight to watch, again and again.

What makes this work? Well...variety, for starters. Having the food come out and literally dance for our entertainment, as in this circus motif guided by the ringmaster announcer, is amusingly simplistic. Aided by the light breezy easy-listening music, the hot dog jumping into the bun, the tight rope waking candy bars, the tap-dancing soda, the marching ice cream--they're all mesmerizing. Whether or not it drove many adults to hunger is unknown, but one can imagine little kids in backseats watching the funny snack foods cavorting about on the screen and giving Mom and Dad some verbal nudging to get something from the snackbar.

For more information on Filmack, and their products, including the aforementioned classics, visit their website.

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